• Ecosulis is the UK’s longest-standing ecological contractor, and the first business to set rewilding as a company purpose. They aim to help environmentally sustainable organizations, restore nature and set achievable visions; deliver real-world results and adopt technologies that measure and reward success. To enable this, we continually aspire to innovate powerful solutions that help accelerate rewilding


Using DePro, Creditnature profiled each process of the rewilding on the blockchain. It starts from recovering the land and agreements with land owners until it gets fully completed in 5 - 7 years.

They are using DePro mobile and web app solutions to input data and get blockchain signatures from the land owners and token holders.

Each month or two Creditnatuer team profiling images, and videos of the land and the process they are doing. The land profile includes the biodiversity counts such as the number of trees planted, the number of streams created and the number of animals in that particular land for future proof.

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The objective of this project is to profile the process and each step of rewilding to allow the nature impact token holders to verify them and view them transparently.
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