Hela Hal

  • Dev Ceylon holdings is a Sri Lankan firm that aims to strengthen the economy of Sri Lanka by guiding businesses to achieving their maximum potential. Collectively it brings the best of Sri Lanka, its culture and commercial values to the international market as one nation. Hela Hal is one of their projects to bring back Sri Lankan traditional rice and export to various markets.


Through DePro Hela Hal successfully profiled & traced 400,000 Kgs of Sri Lankan traditional rice on blockchain from farm to shelf.

Hela Hal used DePro mobile and web app solutions to capture human inputs throughout the supply chain from seed sellers, farmers, manufacturers, laboratories & transporters.

Also, they used sensors which are connected directly with DePro profiles to capture humidity, temperature, water level & fertilizer level to automate & collect non human inputs at all levels of the product journey.

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Hela Hal
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The main objective of the project is to completely trace the rice from seed level till it reaches the shelf through blockchain in order to build customer trust and complete transparency in the supply chain.
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