We Make Blockchain Simple for Everyone.


Through our platform and SDK you can easily integrate blockchain and transform your business using the components and services which caters to all types of businesses and industries.


Niftron's plug and play model along with all its necessary components and services lets you easily integrate blockchain with any business or industry. This cuts down the development time by 90% with no changes to your current process or flow.


Niftron is developed in a way which will not throw any blockchain complexities to our users. Businesses don't have to worry about technicalities from user blockchain account management to transaction management as Niftron handles all of it.

Cost Effective

Niftron provides services based on a pay as you use model which reduces the cost drastically for our users. The development cost will also be reduced as the business or industry doesn't have to build everything from scratch and can use the inbuilt components and services.



100% Secure and Trusted Platform


The core of Niftron is based on Tokenization. Users can tokenize anything from tickets to medical records and vegetables to user data. It will provide liquidity with its ability to easily link and track data.

Trust & Transparency

Niftron is a 100% transparent and trusted platform. Users can validate/audit any type of actions through Niftron as well as directly through blockchain.

Ownership & Security

Niftron users will have full ownership over their actions and tokens. All tokenized items are created and stored directly under user account, which can be accessed by the user only.


Niftron provides full data privacy to the users. All documents and data will be encrypted by user private key and stored in IPFS. User authorized personals only can view the data through the blockchain.


Each user will get unique subsidiary accounts to access each projects/products powered by Niftron. Which will remove the central point of failure and make each projects/products independent.



An Open Platform for our Users

This is the User Playground known as Niftron Profile

The Niftron Profile acts as an inbuilt wallet which manages their tokens and actions.

User friendly account setup and login mechanism for first time blockchain users.

A single niftron account can be used to access multiple niftron based products and projects.

A smart and secure private key recovery mechanism for the users accounts.

An Open Platform for our Creators

This is the Creator's Playground known as Niftron Creator

The creators can integrate blockchain with their applications using niftron creator or niftron sdk.

On behalf of the creators, niftron manages their customer blockchain accounts and transaction history in a secure and transparent manner.

Creators can use inbuilt blockchain wallet and other pluggable components and services on a pay as you use model.

Each user will get a unique sub account for each project which will eliminate the central point of failure .


Most Efficient way of connecting niftron to your application.

Easy and hassle free Blockchain integration with your existing projects.

Web 3 based secure User Interfaces for account creation, authentication and user approvals.

Multi-language support.

Can perform all the actions from account creation to verifications.

All of these are made possible by simple function call from the SDK.


Pillars Behind First Ever BaaS Platform.

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Below we’ve provided a few of the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Which blockchain does Niftron use?

To provide the users with more flexibility and freedom Niftron is built as a blockchain agnostic platform. Our users can run their applications on any blockchain which is capable of running applications. Now Niftron supports only Stellar.

SDK supports multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, GO etc.

Decentralization is one of the main aspects in any blockchain application. NIFTRON is developed in a way that it works as a fully decentralized application, where users have full control over user accounts, actions or data.

NO. To make the process easy and to take the blockchain mainstream Niftron does not have any native cryptocurrencies. But, to make the process transparent and easy to track Niftron has an asset token which is equal to a Dollar. Which is a representation of fiat currency in Niftron and it cannot be traded as well as it won't fluctuate.

What is Tokenization?

To make the assets, services and data more liquated anyone can digitize them as tokens. Which is easy to transfer, proof ownership etc. All tokens are unique or limited editions

Niftron use Blockchain standards to Tokenize the assets such as NFT and SFT. Along with these we have our custom built controllers which can be used by the users to tokenize items which can be transfered, traded and ect.

Anything can be tokenized in the world. From a newborn baby to spaceships and vegetables to user data. Tokenization is a way of representing assets, digital and stored in blockchain. Same as how BITCOIN tokenizes the money.

Each token in Niftron will be identified through a unique name called asset code. Each data will be linked to that token based on the asset code and it will form a chain of actions to data.

YES. If user wishes they can move the tokens out of Niftron accounts to their personal wallets. Also, they can do cross chain transactions as well through Niftron.

Can anyone view my data?

NO. All the data is encrypted by the user’s private key. Only the users can access data and they can provide access to anyone in the Niftron system to view their data through Blockchain, which can be revoked anytime. If a user wants their data to be visible for anyone they can do that as well.

Users can simply transfer their token access to the account which needs to access the data. It can be a view access or data insert access as well. Whoever has the access token view data and the period can be set by the owner and the owner can revoke the access anytime.

All user data and files will be stored in IPFS and the hashes will be stored in in the blockchain such as stellar, Ethereum and etc.

NO, Niftron can't view any data as its encrypted by the user private key.

IF you are a high privacy user you can't do anything. But if you are a low privacy user you can recover your key by providing the email and security question answer. If your medium privacy user you can recover the password by providing private key. If you lose your private key, there is no way you can recover it. We built it in a way it's convenient for all types of users and yet it's decentralized.

What is Niftron pricing model?

It's a pay as you use model. Each Functions will have different pricing but all are less than $1. and there are free access limits as well.

It depends on the token user creates as well as the amount. Most of the unique tokens will cost $1 and all the SFT (group tokens) will start from $0.1 for 100 and will reduce based on the amount increase by a zero.

$0.001 per data without any size limit.

No. View data and doing verifications are free of charge in Niftron.

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