• Korean SPA Accessories (Pvt) Ltd. operates under the SPA Group of companies which is a reputed corporate body with a global presence and diversified interests. KSPA Accessories is a holder of the Uniplast global license and nominated to supply hangers to some of the world’s most prominent brands such as NIKE, WALMART, SEARS, KOHL’S, JC PENNY, Columbia, Dressbarn and ANN TAYLOR.


Through DePro KSPA profiling hangers from the material level and throughout their manufacturing journey till they were dispatched from their Sri Lankan factory.

The recycling process happening in their UK firm where they are identifying the hangers batch using unique DePro Id and verifying the recycling process. Once recycled, the recycled material goes through the manufacturing process traceability to completely profile its journey in cycles.

In this project, KSPA uses human data entry through our apps and API based data entry for automation.

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The main objective of the project is to completely trace and profile plastic hangers journey from manufacturing, recycling and reproducing. At any point able to verify whether a particular hanger is recycled and from which batch its manufactured. In a larger scale to claim the totally verifiable recycled hangers.
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